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Chinese Taipei were about to miss out on their first Asia Cup in 37 years; however, they made a quick turnaround thanks to the heroics of a rising player. Though they still have to work a lot in their form, there are a lot of appreciable things about their basketball.

Let’s do a precise ‘meet the team analysis’ for Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei lost seven points

Chinese Taipei has had a significant decline in its ranking as they make the transition to a younger generation of stars. They began the Asia Cup Qualifiers at position 62 and have subsequently fallen seven positions. For the first time in a long time, Chinese Taipei dropped out of the top 10 in the Asia Ranking and is now ranked 11.

One more team from the original seven that competed in the inaugural Asia Cup was Chinese Taipai. Chinese Taipei finished second in the first competition after going undefeated in the first five games before losing to the similarly unbeaten Philippines.

Asia Cup 2017

Asia Cup 2017 was the most recent appearance for Chinese Taipei. Chinese Taipei had just finished in 13th place at the Asia Cup in 2015, which was the lowest placing they had ever achieved. Of course, a significant contributing aspect was that the squad was lacking many of the seniors who had contributed to its prior success, which was also the case in 2017.

With the likes of some notable players, Chinese Taipei only managed to win one game in the Group Phase.

Notable Player Lin Chih-Chieh

Chinese Taipei is another side with a long and rich history in the Asia Cup, thus there are a lot of players on the roster who have made an impact in the tournament. It would be difficult to refute anyone who names Lin Chih-Chieh as one of the greatest Chinese Taipei players in history. A nickname as “The Beast” is earned, not given.

The versatile forward participated in a total of 46 Asia Cup games throughout the course of six different competitions. Lin averaged 10.0 points per game over this period of more than ten years, finishing at the rim or eluding defenders with his outstanding athleticism.

We witnessed some remarkable performances in his six matches in the Asia Cup 2013. In addition to coming close to a triple-double against the Philippines with 20 points, 9 rebounds, and 12 assists, Lin was a key member of the famous Chinese Taipei squad that advanced all the way to the Semi-Finals.

How Chinese got here

Chinese Taipei were almost out of the race for Asia Cup 2022. They were put in a difficult position right away because they had to compete in Group B with both China and Japan. They were unable to defeat either of the two Asia Cup heavyweights, which caused them to come third.

Chinese Taipei still had a chance in the Qualifying Tournament for Third Placed Teams, where they were paired against Guam, even though they were unable to qualify right away. On Guam, two games were played in an aggregate score format.

Chinese Taipei is moving out of the Lin Chih-Chieh period, where they enjoyed remarkable success at the Asia Cup level. Although the road has been difficult, the building appears to be stable at this time.

They’ll need to start by exerting the kind of effort that what a top team in Asia would, and what better opportunity to do so than at the Asia Cup in Jakarta in 2022.

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