Denver Nuggets Implement Unusual Policy Regarding Championship Trophy

Denver Nuggets Implement Unusual Policy Regarding Championship Trophy

The Denver Nuggets implement unusual policy regarding Championship Trophy 2023 Larry O’Brien. Despite Jamal Murray’s desire to bring the trophy to his hometown, the team has refused to allow it. According to a report by Gilbert Ngabo in the Toronto Star, the Nuggets have closely guarded the trophy since their victory parade.

Denver Nuggets Implement Unusual Policy Regarding Championship Trophy

Nick O’Hayre, the director of media relations for the Nuggets, reportedly stated, “Our owners have kept it under strict control since our win, and no players or staff members are permitted to take it anywhere. Unlike the Stanley Cup, our players don’t have the opportunity to take it home or pass it around.”

This decision has raised eyebrows, especially considering that past championship-winning teams have permitted their players to travel with the trophy. While it’s understandable that the Nuggets want to prevent any mishaps, it may appear excessive to keep it secured throughout the entire summer, especially when a player like Murray expressed a desire to share it with his community.

Given that this marks Denver’s first-ever franchise championship, it’s reasonable that they are taking extra precautions to safeguard the trophy. Nonetheless, it might be seen as overly cautious by some, although players like Murray likely understand the team’s desire to maintain possession of the coveted trophy.

As the Nuggets look ahead to defending their title in the upcoming season, there may be an opportunity for players to enjoy some time with the championship trophy in the future.


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