Oakley’s Threat to Embiid Sends Shockwaves Through Basketball World

Oakley's Threat to Embiid

When the 76ers get into the game with the mighty New York Knicks all dribbling means confronting the fire. This is not merely a game, but a battlefield where what hurts imitate swords; and any improper play leaves a deadly wound that causes lifelong pain. On the other hand, in the wake of the defeat at the hands of Philly in Game 3, former Knicks great Charles Oakely appeared onto the scene, igniting the continuation of the drama with Oakley’s threat to Embiid being heard far and wide.

Oakley’s Threat to Embiid Sends Shockwaves Through Basketball World

Joel Embiid of Sixers, a promising big man, experiences a mixture of controversy during the last game as he was accused of bordered on a line about his aggressive performance. Tension was really high with his flagrant foul in Game 3, I mean just look at the interview that reporters took away after the game, you could tell that their feelings were more than just skeptical.

In a pointed albeit straight-forward criticism, Oakley made no bones about his views. He has just as much a right to take the same attitude as he would have done back in his day to any Embiid’s antics. Instead, he firmly stated that he would not have any qualms about delivering an instant slap at Embiid if the latter were to do the same in his glorious days. There is a sort of a spirit here that regains a confidence and defensive style of past time, where the muscle of the body was ruling and the disputes are settled with physical, instead of verbal abilities.

Through the shots of Emiid fishing with the Knicks guard Donte Divincenzo, we see the rivalry at its best, an image of unfiltered emotion that spices up the match.

Oakley became a role model, and many young players idolized him. However, times have changed and so have the role and responsibilities of modern coaches. In current NBA there is a new monster in the form of strictest rules and the consequences(imposition) of going beyond the limits are harsh. For an Embiid game to be fully understood, his style needs to be contextualized within a milieu where every pass, every move, any controversial play, every foul call is under the searing light of an unimpeded criticism.

Yet, the question lingers: Hence, it could be asked whether Oakley would have accommodated Embiid’s ways of playing the game. There is a lingering controversy as to whether the game maintains its original uncompromising aggressiveness or has transformed over time. In this clash of eras, one thing is certain: playoff basketball remains unparalleled, no other display can ignite debate and fuel rivalries that live after generations beyond the realm of time.

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