NBA Hits Home Run by Making First Ever Wine Sponsorship Deal

Wine Sponsorship Deal

In an unexpected turn of events, the NBA has gone outside of its comfort zone by agreeing on a wine sponsorship deal with a lead – who would have thought, but it is another Michael Jordan (but in a different context). While elite NBA hooper Michael Jordan encourages court victories, this Michael perfectly executes the role of a cellar master, height secured at 5-foot-4 and residing at the vineyards of California.

NBA Hits Home Run by Making First Ever Wine Sponsorship Deal

Picture this: First of all, NBA athletes such as Joe Harris and Lance Thomas, enjoyed a bottle of Jackson Family Wines on the field, in spite of gaining the distance of hundreds of miles from the Mayacamas Mountains in Northern California. It was a scene there weren’t the farther probability of just a number of years prior then.

This unequaled partnership can be traced back to some virtual tastings while the pandemic was at its highest point, where the tiny and sociable sommelier Richard Jordan was flying the flag. He had not only to endure being called by the same name as the All-time Great Athlete but he also had to face being misunderstood by the players from the NBA who were new to the wine world and, consequently, associated the name Michael Jordan with the worlds of sports rather than business.

And now at today, I can raise some fruits from the latent sessions that the project has grown to a full blown collaboration. Senior VP of the NBA Joseph Graziano realized the escalating wave for wine and he inquired Jackson Family which is run by its overlord Jordan, who actually is a winemaker of this place.The result? The beginning of four-year contract with two of Sonoma’s best wines, Kendall-Jackson and La Crema, which belong to the company’s wide range of portfolio of wines took place.

But, while sharing drinks with friends is not the only goal (purpose) of this association. The fact that it’s made in response to the NBA’s ever-changing relationship with wine, a development that has been largely set off by the examples of LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Carmelo Anthony, who have all braved into the world of wine venture and events in this regard, isn’t surprising.

Even the deadpan San Antonio Spurs coach, Gregg Popovich couldn’t represent indifference and conjured up a metaphor comparing his excitement to tapping into an aged Bordeaux. While sports fans rush to get their tickets and are full of anticipation, Yves Jordan, armed with his sommelier skills, remains in the background ready and willing to bring his knowledge and understanding of wine to the NBA fans.

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