What Warriors Need to Do to Win Game 4 Against Celtics

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The upcoming game for the Warriors is a must-win game, technically it is not but coming back from another loss will likely result in a Series loss. Now as the Warriors find themselves in a must-win situation yet again, they need to understand that a steep climb is up ahead. There is only one team that has bounced back from a 3-1 loss, the Cavs in 2016. However, if this happens in this series, then there is little to no chance for the Warriors to make a comeback against the mighty Celtics.

So what Warriors need to do to win Game 4 and get the home-court advantage. Let’s take a look.

Win the Turnovers, Value the Possession

The team that has won the turnover fight has won the first three games in this series. Both games are guilty of losing possessions and awarding opponents with reckless turnovers. But one team that cannot afford the turnover mistake is the Warriors as they do not have the luxury of a formidable defense that the Celtics possess. What Warrior has is Steph Curry and his tremendous shooting form. So unnecessary turnovers will and have already caused Curry offensive momentum damage. So Warriors need to avoid high-risk passes and give Curry more opportunities to launch.

Warriors Need Draymond Green to Fire

Green is having a nightmare series so far and his performance in all three games was bad. He not only missed shots in the paint but also outside. His form was so bad that the Celtics didn’t bother much about him outside the paint and let him be. He made more turnovers than baskets than any other player in the first three games. Moreover, the team’s defense isn’t too great either so the point of attack defense poses a big challenge for the Warriors. The perimeter defense is also weak as there isn’t much of an option. So Green needs to step up as the one and only dependable defender of the Warriors.

Poole or Payton or Both?

The Warriors’ lineup is a problem. Looney is great in his defense and rebounding but the team will suffer in terms of spacing. If Bjelica is chosen for his shooting then the defense weakens. Poole on his day can greatly assist Curry in playmaking and offense. However, his defense is too weak. On the contrary, Payton is great in the defense but gives no space for Curry to breathe.

So it would be ideal for the Warriors if both players fire on the same day. Both players can mirror each other on the court and can make it for the missing skills for each other. If not both then one of the players needs to go big in Game 4 to lessen the burden on Curry.

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