Draymond Green and His Wife Criticize Celtics Fans For Game 3 Chants


Following Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday night, some Golden State Warriors players were irritated by Boston Celtics spectators.

Warriors players overheard Boston fans chanting NSFW things at Warriors veteran Draymond Green all through the match. Warriors player Klay Thompson chastised Celtics supporters in attendance at TD Garden following the loss, which handed the Celtics a 2-1 series lead.

Klay Thompson said: “We’ve played in front of rude people before. Dropping F-bombs with children in the crowd. Real classy. Good job Boston.”

Warriors coach Steve Kerr shared the attitude, humorously describing the shouts as “classy, very classy.”

Golden State were defeated 116-100 in this encounter. Green’s wife, Hazel Renee, wrote on her Instagram account on Wednesday night that the couple’s young kids were at the match and witnessed the shouts intended at their father.

She highlighted in her Instagram post that directly aimed at Celtics and NBA fans: “Tough loss tonight but in NO WAY, shape or form should fan be allowed to chant obscenities at players”.

Renee alleged that the NBA failed to follow “code of conduct” restrictions posted on cards “at every seat.” Fans are warned on the little handouts that any rude behavior could lead to their withdrawal.

Renee wrote: “Are they not human?”. “Is someone standing at your job saying off the wall things to you?”

She further added: “My kids were at the game tonight hearing that mess! Very DISGUSTING of you little @celtics fans. Just shameful.”

In an interview on his podcast, Green, a three-time NBA champ, discussed the event.

“I know Hazel is very upset just because our kids were at the game and were listening to that”.

Green further added: “Quite frankly, I don’t make much of it.”

“I’m raising a man so I don’t make much of him hearing or seeing that. We walked out of there smiling with our heads held high. I’m actually happy that he saw that because, for the rest of his life, we’ll have the opportunity to talk about [it]. You can get through it.”

Green concluded the interview with an insult directed at Celtics fans.

The Warriors will meet the Celtics in Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night in Boston.



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