Draymond Green Hilarious Response to CJ McCollum Celtics Winning Championship Predication.

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Draymond Green doesn’t stop talking even when he’s having a horrible game. Following CJ McCollum’s prediction that the Celtics would win the series, Draymond gave an usual retort, chastising McCollum and mocking his postseason resume:

“Tha’s fine,” Draymond said. “Those Celtics will still be ringless, just like you. Respect.”

Draymond has mastered the art of trash talk, so it’s no wonder he blasted CJ so brutally here. Unfortunately, McCollum appears to be correct in his prediction. So far, Boston has a 2-1 lead in the series, and aside from Game 2, they have proven to be more than a match for the Warriors’ experience and talent.

Even Draymond Green has remarked on the Celtics’ collective strength:

“I think both teams are tough. I think Boston will cause us problems, especially offensively. Their defense is incredible… If you wanna ask me who we wanna play, I’m going to tell you who we’re gonna play. We’re gonna play Boston.”

He later told us why he picked Boston:

“I know a championship-caliber team when I see one. A championship team has a guy who can go get a bucket, no matter what. They have that. They have great defenders. They have a great coach – young coach but is showing that he can make adjustments and that he’s ready for the moment. Like, they have the pieces.”

It’s still anyone’s series right now.

The Celtics have proven themselves, and the Warriors are far too formidable to be written off with a 2-1 series disadvantage.

The series will most certainly turn in favor of one team or the other after Game 4, so things will undoubtedly heat up on Friday. While McCollum will not be earning a championship this summer, he may still be correct about this series if the Celtics win Game 4.

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