Stephen Curry Confirmed His Availability in Game 4 Against Celtics

Stephen Curry got injured in the fourth quarter

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors sustained a left leg injury in Game 3 of the 2022 NBA Finals.

Curry confirmed on Thursday that he will play in Game 4:

“I’m going to play. That’s all I know for the time being.”

Curry is expected to participate, according to Warriors coach Steve Kerr. Golden State is looking to tie the best-of-seven series at 2-2. Golden State will not practice today and will instead use the day in between games to relax and rehabilitate.

The Warriors’ final chance to win Game 3 concluded with 3.5 minutes left-turning Boston’s direction. Marcus Smart stole the ball late in the game, and the Celtics went on to win 116-100. Celtics took a 2-1 lead in the series.

Curry responded about his injury update

He was in immense pain in the fourth quarter when Boston Al Horford seemed to drop on Curry’s lower leg. Stephen told that the injury was pretty similar but not as intense as the previous one. He previously suffered when Marcus Smart rolled on his ankle during a regular-season matchup in San Francisco in March. That play was deemed “dangerous” by Kerr.
Stephen said that the ailment is identical to one he had near the close of the season and that he is confident in his ability to manage the discomfort and therapy required to play through it. Curry further discussed that Game 3 wasn’t that bad to keep him away from Game 4.
Curry said: “I’ll see how it responds. I don’t feel like I’ll miss a game, though. Take advantage of these next 48 hours to get ready.”

Game 3 analysis

Golden State was behind with as many as 18 points in the first half, but when Jayson Tatum dropped a jumper from the free-throw line, it was a 12-point Celtics edge. The rebound was passed about, and three Celtics and as many Warriors rushed to the court in an attempt to retrieve the ball.

How Curry sustained the injury?

Celtics center Al Horford fell on Curry’s leg during the struggle. Draymond Green, a Warriors forward, said he witnessed his friend cry out in pain, which is why he yanked Smart away protecting Curry while also earning up to his sixth foul.
Curry stayed in the match, but Kerr cleared his bench after the sides swapped baskets, leaving Boston with a 14-point lead.

Curry remained the leading scorer with 31 points.

With nine points, seven assists, five rebounds, and a technical foul Green was praised for laying the groundwork for Golden State’s Game 2 victory. On Wednesday, however, he just had two points and four rebounds.

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