Draymond Green Has Been Woeful in the Finals and People are Trolling Him

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Through the difficult Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors advanced to the NBA Finals after playing 16 games. Draymond Green helped them reach the NBA Finals for the sixth time in the last eight years. However, Green’s performance hasn’t been the same since the NBA Finals began, particularly in Game 3.

Green has only scored 17 points in the first four games of the NBA Finals

Green was left on the bench in the fourth quarter of Game 4 by head coach Steve Kerr. That’s when the skepticism began to surface. Green’s mother, Mary Babers-Green, took to Twitter to answer to the all questions about her son, saying she has no idea why he is playing the way he is.

Here is his mum’s hilarious tweet:

That wasn’t all, the fans started to roast him on Twitter as well

Saying that Curry has saved Draymond from embarrassing himself:

There were many more tweets, all kinds of roasting the NBA star. I mean of all times to lose your form, you lose it in the finals. You got to feel a bit sorry for the lad, but sports is cruel that way. When it’s your day in the sun you better enjoy it because the clouds are right there in the corner.

How did the others perform?

The Golden State Warriors recovered late in Game 4 to come back from a 91-86 hole and win 107-97 to square the NBA Finals at 2-2. Steph Curry was incredible once again, leading all scorers with 43 points for the fourth game in a row. While Curry was extraordinary, the other players of the Warriors’ Big 3 had a difficult day.

Klay Thompson had an 18-point performance, although he was 7-17 from the field, and Draymond Green was once again below par. Green finished with 2 points on 1-7 shooting and, despite having 9 rebounds and 8 assists, he was the only Warriors starter who did not have a positive +/- after playing over 30 minutes. They were better when he wasn’t on the floor, and Kevon Looney, who occasionally played over Green, was a game-high +21. Green, who was also benched for chunks of the fourth quarter, owing to poor form.

Greens Not Happy with the Coach and his Game Time

Throughout the fourth quarter, the Warriors made numerous substitutions, seemingly switching Green and Jordan Poole every time up and down the court. Poole would be called upon when Golden State needed a spark on offense. Green was the first player on the court when they needed something defensively.

The Warriors’ strategy paid off in the fourth quarter, as they outscored the Celtics 28-19. Despite this, Draymond Green wasn’t happy.

“Oh, definitely never thrilled coming out of the game with seven minutes to go in the fourth quarter of a must-win game,” Green said in his postgame media availability. “I’m not gonna sit here and act like I was thrilled. I’m a competitor, but at the end of the day if that’s what coach decides then you roll with it.

“You know, I had to keep my head in the game and you know, whenever I went back into the game I tried to make some plays. So that was just my mindset, you know, don’t make too much of it,” Green added. “I’ve always been on the bandwagon of, you know, if you got something then just stick with it. So, it is what it is.”


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