“We Obviously Know That the Job Is Not Done.” Stephen Curry Told the Media


Warriors are flying high as they clinched their third consecutive win in the Conference Finals

The Golden State Warriors have virtually booked their place in the NBA finals as they thrashed Mavs in the third game of the Western Conference finals, winning by 109-100. Stephen Curry brought his A-game to the court, leaving everyone in awe scoring 31 points on the board with 11 assists and multiple clutch buckets. Curry looks promising to play his sixth NBA finals to clinch his fourth title. To make it happen, the Warriors need to win one more game against the Mavericks and Curry is confident to push them in the ebbs.

While talking to the reporter in his post-game interview, he expressed his joy of getting a 3-0 lead on the board over the Mavs and looking to win the series in the fourth game. He also acknowledged that the job is not done yet because no one knows what comes next but he is confident to pull a convincing victory in the fourth game.

“When you’re up 2-0 and come on the road to stranglehold control of this series, that’s huge.” Curry said, “We obviously know the job is not done, but it’s a good feeling to know we came and got a win, and now we can put house money on Tuesday where we get it done.”

Although Kevon Looney and Andrew Wiggins registered sensational performances in the Conference Finals, Curry has been the most consistent player in the squad who assured the Warriors on top of each game. Albeit, his free line shooting is not consistent, he is the most impactful player in the camp in every other aspect of the game, including defense where he played a pivotal role in bringing Luka Doncic to his knees. If the Warriors keep their form, they will take a bit at the cherry this season.

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Warriors got a 3-0 Lead as Andrew Wiggins Steals the Show

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