Warriors got a 3-0 Lead as Andrew Wiggins Steals the Show


‘That’s what we brought him on for’ Kyle Thompson told the media.

Mavs vs Warrior Finals: A spectacular shooting, as Andrew Wiggins the Golden State Warrior forward took off from inside the free line and met Luka Doncic’s body in the air just before reaching over the cylinder to make a basket. When he was asked about the dunk he said “I just saw the rim.”

Wiggins left everyone in awe but he doesn’t know how that dunk ranked in his collection, but Stephen Curry said that it was the best thing that he ever experienced from his teammate, while Kyle Thompson gave his remarks saying Wiggins looked like Dominique Wilkins.

Meanwhile, Luka Doncic said “That was impressive, I’m not going to lie, I saw the video again, and I was like, ooh. That was pretty incredible. I wish I had those bunnies.”

Wiggins’ relentless performance sparked a 1009-100 win for the Warriors and now they are holding the whip hand over the Mavs, leading by 3-0 in the Western Conference finals. Wiggins scored 27 points 18 of which came from the restricted area and he took 11 rebounds. He is not a veteran of playoff games but in his 14th playoff game, he showed the world his level of dismantling the opposition.

Wiggins counterpart Draymond Green said “If you can come in and play good basketball, you can essentially put a team away tonight. Now this team isn’t going to quit … but you can instill a lot of doubt by coming out and winning this game. And we knew that.”

Green added, “That’s a guy who has been criticized for being lackadaisical and the beat goes on, you’ve heard it all, yet on the biggest stage, he’s come through, it’s great to see, absolutely amazing to see him pick up his level of play.”

It was Wiggin’s assertiveness and aggression that he brought to the game from the very beginning of the season that earned him his first-ever all-star appearance. He was on a break and joined the team with a bang and the way he is performing pushed the danger buzzer for the other teams.

“He’s worked so hard to get to this point,” Kyle Thompson told the reporters “We’ve just got to help him become a champion, and he will obviously help us. What he did tonight … that’s what we brought him on for. He is such a talented player. I’m so grateful we have him.”

Meanwhile, Kerr said that the Warriors won’t be winning the playoff games without Wiggins, especially this series again the Mavs because Wiggins has been the primary defender against Doncic in all postseason games, restricting him to 53% shooting. Which is Doncic’s lowest field goal percentage. Albeit Doncic has amassed 40 points in two games, the Warriors are leading the series with a 3-0 lead on the board.

Things are going in favor of the Warriors and they are the host favorites to win this year’s NBA title. They have all the ingredients of a crown team and Thompson believes that they will clinch the title this year.

Thompson said “This team won’t lay it down; we are going to have to go take it. They are not going to give it to us. Just going to have to just play together, play as a unit. Strength in numbers; that’s been our mantra.”

The Warriors are now one win away from winning the Western Conference final. Draymond Green said “Being one win away from the Finals means absolutely nothing, it means you have to win one more game, and we have to make sure we come in with an even better focus than we did tonight, which was incredible. Closeout games are always the toughest. We have to come out and win the game; they are not going to give it to us.”

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