Jaylen Brown Points his Finger to Officials After Second Loss Against Heat in Game 3


Jaylen Brown got frustrated despite contributing 40 points individually in Boston’s 109-103 loss

The Boston Celtics came close to making a huge turnaround in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat on Saturday but ultimately were unable to get sufficient stops down the stretch. Jaylen Brown seemed to blame officials referees for another frustrating loss.

Brown proved to be the finest player as he led with 40 points in Celtics’ 109-103 loss. Brown said after the game that he performed a “s*** job” protecting the ball and that he has to be “stronger” in the paint. He also involved some condemnation of the officiating staff.

Brown’s statement as per Justin Leger of NBC Sports Boston: “They let a lot of stuff go tonight. Especially when I feel like I drive and I get to the basket, I feel like it’s two hands on me all the time.” He further added: “I never get those hand-checking calls, but I don’t make excuses. We get better. I did a s–t job taking care of the basketball today. I’ve got to do better.”

Brown may have scored the most points of anybody in the game, but losing Game 3 at home puts Boston’s chances of reaching the NBA Finals in danger.

It’s never a pretty approach to blame the referees for a setback, particularly when the match took place on the complainer’s home court. However, this match best exemplifies why Miami won the East two years ago, despite being on the verge of losing to Orlando, and why the Heat are on the verge of returning to the NBA Finals. Yet again, the Heat have shown their ability to grind out a tough victory in different surroundings.

Miami led the game with as many as 26 points. However, Celtics coach Ime Udoka is trying to get them back on track to appear in the next game with an improved and focused approach.

Game 4 will take place in Boston on Monday night. The Heat are enjoying a 2-1 series lead.

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