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Golden State Warriors Forward Andrew Wiggins is Doubtful for the Next Game After Sustaining an Injury Blow


The Golden State Warriors have downgraded forward Andrew Wiggins from availability to questionable for Game 3 in Dallas, according to an unexpected update to their injury report. The two-way winger is suffering with a sore ankle, and his status for Game 3 on the road is still unknown. Though Luka Doncic, becomes near unplayable and is one of best guards in the league, Wiggins has been a thorn in his way, making life quite difficult for him.

Andrew Wiggins presence for the next game is vital for Golden State, his energy and reading of play is next to none in their squad. If he is unable to play in Game 3, it will be a significant loss for the team. The Warriors did a good job defending home court, winning both of their first two games, but they know what Dallas is capable of, as the club has constantly stated.

Dallas is a club that will not go away after coming back from a 2-0 deficit in the Western Conference Semifinals. As a result, if the Warriors want to establish a dominating 3-0 lead, they’ll need all hands on deck.

Because his status is currently unknown, Wiggins’ status for Game 3 will most likely not be determined until just before kickoff. On Sunday evening, the two clubs will face off in Dallas at 6:00 p.m. PST.

Currently, we are sure that the Golden State Warriors’ medical and rehabilitation team is doing all they can for Andrew Wiggins. If I was a betting man, I’d say that he might start the game on the bench and the coach may play him if need be. I mean why would you risk one of your best players, when you have a 2 game lead.

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