The Final Showdown Between Celtics and Warriors is a Worst Travel Plan


The Celtics and Warriors have got a chance to show their full strength to lift the NBA title.

It’s a chance for the Celtics to win their 18th NBA title, breaking a tie with the Los Angeles Lakers for the most in league history. For the previous three months, Boston has had the highest net rating in basketball (plus-9.6), thanks to an excellent defence that now includes Derrick White. For the Warriors, this challenging game is also an opportunity to win their seventh championship, breaking a tie with the Chicago Bulls for the third-most in NBA history.

With over 2500 miles between them, the Boston and Celtics’ travel pattern during the NBA Finals will be tested. Boston is considered the most eastern side in the NBA. San Francisco comes second in the most western side of the NBA with a narrow margin. The Celtics and Warriors can expect an excessive amount of travel throughout their seven-game NBA playoff series. Boston has the potential to achieve around 13,000 above miles in the course of the matchup. Meanwhile, the Warriors will have traveled around 10,000 miles before it ends.

Is this NBA’s worst travel plan ever?

It looks like the worst travel plan but in fact, it’s a shorter one as compared to some previous records. During this game, the players, officials, and certain fans will be collecting air miles points. Each team’s one-way travel time is now shorter than it was in 1964 when they met in the NBA Playoffs. The San Francisco Warriors used to perform at the Cow Palace in Daly City, which is even far away from Boston than the Chase Center, where they are going to play now.

The Warriors have been without an opposing side since last Thursday when they beat Dallas for the West trophy in only five matches. The Celtics earned their place in the East by clinching Game 7 in Miami on Sunday. So, what is the most unlikely NBA Finals matchup? They’d have it if the Miami Warmth come from the east and the Portland Path Blazers will come from the west. The Celtics and Warriors are separated by 2,694 miles and it’s 2,707 miles for the Warmth and Blazers.

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