Draymond Green Slams Kevin Durant’s Comments About Stephen Curry


Draymond Green lashed back on social media after Kevin Durant termed Draymond Green’s Steph Curry take 100 percent untrue.

On social media, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green continued their verbal sparring ahead of Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Green sparked the feud when he addressed Steph Curry’s lack of Finals MVP honours on his podcast. Curry received more double-teams than Kevin Durant, who won two MVP awards during his stint with the Warriors.

Durant declared Green’s comments “100% untrue” after it was shared on social media.

Green retaliated on Tuesday.

Draymond Green replied to Kevin Durant’s comments on of Steph Curry
“You have to learn to listen to full takes and not snippets before you get baited into tweeting Champ,” Green tweeted.

Green’s use of the term “champ” to refer to Durant is objectively amusing. He also makes a general point. Green wasn’t downplaying Durant’s MVP performance. He was defending Curry against claims that his legacy would be completed without a Finals MVP.

Durant explained his stance in a later post.

“Oh I seen it my brethren, I appreciate the compliments but I disagree with what u said about double teams that’s all. I love the show,” Durant responded.

Someone with too much spare time will have to sit down and watch those playoff series to determine who wins this discussion over double teams.

Regardless of the numbers, Durant might want to dial back his sensitivity on this one. Green began his analysis of Curry by complimenting Durant to the utmost, describing his performance as “absolutely ridiculous.” It’s just not worth saying anything about.

On the other hand, by even starting this game, Green may have just assured Curry wins Finals MVP if the Warriors upset the Celtics. He did a fantastic job.

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