How Boston Have Improved Themselves to Become NBA’s Strongest Team


The Boston Celtics lost a devastating game against the New York Knicks after blowing a 25-point edge. RJ Barrett slammed a 3-pointer at the last moment. The Celtics have now lost five of their last seven games, dropping to 18-21 in the Eastern Conference.

The squad has not only pulled together in five months but has also proceeded to the NBA Finals for the first time after 2010. The Celtics upset the Miami Heat 100-96 in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference playoffs on Sunday night, hanging by a thread down the end.

Udoka’s postgame message reflects:

Shows what I said about our group. That we fought through a lot of adversity this year. A resilient group. Tonight seemed to typify our season.”

The Celtics are subject to turnovers, can be pulled out of contests by focusing too much about referees at times, and struggle to score in critical moments. They lost a 14-point edge in Game 5 of the second round to the Milwaukee Bucks, lost Game 6 of this series at home despite holding a late lead, and saw their 13-point yield in Game 7 reduced back to two in the closing moments. All through the game, there were numerous slimline. When the 17-point advantage was sliced to six at the half, they embarked on a 7-1 run to get back into double digits. The Celtics went on an 8-0 run after the Heat launched another charge to make it a three-point contest in the final quarter.

Whenever the Heat cut the deficit to two points in the closing moments, Marcus Smart sank two critical foul shots to help secure the victory. That may be the start of the decline for this team in another world. The question of whether Tatum and Brown can play together would be a hot topic in the Boston reporters, as well as nationally. Marcus Smart’s leadership qualities in the club were often questioned, and he was once again the target of trade speculations. There was also concern regarding Udoka’s suitability for the position.

The Celtics have always been strong in their talents and prepared to play, regardless of the situation. They’ve been engaged on every upcoming match and the possibility for the past four months. They have the largest one so far.

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