Japan Looks to Take Over Kazakhstan in the FIBA Asia Cup Matchup on July 13


Japan are all set to lock horns against Kazakhstan in the ongoing FIBA Asia Cup on Wednesday.

In the opening round of the Asian Cup group stage, two potent teams will face off. We can also confidently emphasize that opponents are highly driven to produce a favorable outcome.

Two Timnas regulars, Abraham Damar Grahita and Andakara Prastawa Dhyaksa, could not hold their enthusiasm as they prepared to put on their brand-new jerseys for the eagerly awaited FIBA Asia Cup 2022.


The Japanese’s 2022 campaign got off to a bad start in the world championship qualifying rounds, and it appears that they won’t be at their best this summer either. The team is a typical middle-class peasant squad from the continent, and because there aren’t many highly skilled performers in the cage, they haven’t yet been able to advance to a different level.

The team has experience dealing with competitors of a moderate standard, but when compared against more formidable foes, they are vulnerable. Despite all the positive factors, the guys shockingly lost to Bahrain a week ago (51:62). Their major target is to maintain the substantially obscured by this defeat.


One should not favor one of the teams over the others in this matchup. Given the match’s significance for both teams, there is every reason to believe that no one will actively go forward.

Head to head:

Both teams have played four head-to-head matches:
Japan: 3

Kazakhstan: 0

Predicted Lineup:

Japan: Y. Togashi, Y. Suda, K. Toews, L. Evans, Y. Nishida

Kazakhstan: S. Kuanov, A. Bykov, M. Marchuk, V. Ivanov, R. Marchuk

Team Squad:

Japan Squad:

Salar Monji, Meisam Mirzaei, Asghar Kardoust, Mehdi Kamrani, Arman Zangeneh, Mohammad Yousefvand, Sajjad Mashayekhi, Saeid Davarparnah, Behnam Yakhchali, Navid Rezaeifar, Arsalan Kazemi, Mohammad Jamshidi, Navid Khajehzadeh, Mohammad Hassanzadeh, Ehsan Dalirzahan, Mohammadsina Vahedi, Matin Aghajanpour

Kazakhstan Squad:

Kemal Canbolat, Abdulwahab Alhamwi, Mhd Ghamian, Georgi Nazarian, Tofek Saleh, David Hermes, Rami Merjaneh, Sharif Osh, Elias Azrie, Amir Jabbar Hinton, Zakria Alhusain, Majd Arbasha, Anthouny Bakar, Amer Alsati, Mahmoud Trab, Joseph Yousef, Ahmad Hariri, Omar Idelbi, Wae Jlilaty, Jamil Saddir, Hani Adribe, Omar Cheikh Ali, Nadim Issa, Anas Shaban, Tarek Aljabi

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