LeBron James thinks America is the villain in Britney Griner’s Imprisonment in Russia

Griner in custody

The sensational LeBron James in an official trailer of a new episode of his talk show “The Shop,” gave his remarks about the imprisonment of the WNBA star Britney Griner in Russia. James asked how Griner could “feel like America has her back.” According to James, he would feel like, “Do I even want to go back to America?” 

Griner got prisoned in Russia while somehow, James concluded that the U.S. is the villain. Although the Biden administration is negotiating for the star, James is providing a propaganda victory for Vladimir Putin’s thuggish regime, declaring America the enforcer. 

Meanwhile, Griner is not the only American who got prisoned by the Russian authoritarian regime, and probably America is negotiating for her more than the others. On top of that, Americans are not the only ones getting held by the authoritarian government. Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom all have had citizens detained by Russia. Now, it is absurd to hold America responsible for the wrongful acts of Putin’s autocratic administration.

Would Griner Return to America?

Well, that seems unlikely, but where should Griner go, exactly? Griner made basketball a successful career in America, a sport that has played in the U.S. Although the Russian league offers higher salaries than the WNBA, Griner’s presence in America allowed her to sign hefty contracts with brands like Nike without any risks of being detained as a political prisoner by a totalitarian regime.    

Griner is in prison not because America wants her to be or America doesn’t care about her rather, she is in prison because Russia is reluctant to release her. With all this, James is a fool, suggesting America is behind Griner’s imprisonment.    


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