How to Spin a Basketball on your Finger? We have You Covered.


When thinking about Basketball tricks your mind may wander off to think about the Harlem Globetrotters and the their most famous trick: taking a basketball, spinning it in the air, and balancing it on a finger. The trick was literally associated with them and became quite famous in the Jordan era.

However, the trick was not originally invented by them

The practice of spinning a ball dates back to the late 19th century, when it was something you might see in a magician’s manual or witness a professional juggler execute on stage. The technique still appears to be some incredible sorcery after being around for more than a century. It hasn’t lost any of its initial sparkle.

6 Steps to Spinning a basketball on your fingertip

It is important to remember that you need to hold the ball with your fingertips while you spin and toss the ball in the air. This will allow the ball to have more momentum. So, be sure your palm is not touching the ball.

  1. Grab the ball by your fingertips
  2. Rotate the wrist, so that your palm is facing out.
  3. Now spin your wrist, as you give air to the ball and your palm should be facing towards you.
  4. Identify the catching area, it usually looks like the area that is spinning the least and is in the middle of the ball. (you can spin the ball on the floor to identify this as well)
  5. At a slight angle extend your fingertip.
  6. Catch the ball at the tip of your fingernail and balance the ball as it spins.

Some Pro Tips:

Practice with a lighter ball that has a smooth surface, but does have some grip to it meaning it shouldn’t be slippery. Once you get your technique right, you can start practicing with a basketball. The rough surface of a basketball makes it difficult to learn these techniques right away with a basketball. Hence, you should gradually go towards it.

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