What is a Box Out in Basketball?

Boxing out

Boxing out, also known as blocking out, is a basketball skill that frequently occurs in rebounding circumstances, where a player puts himself in a better position to grab the rebound from the rim or the backboard. Boxing out is a defensive rebounding position, where a player blocks the opponent’s movement by moving into his body, restricting his access to the ball after a missed shot. As we know in basketball, the higher the ball possession gets higher the chances of winning the game becomes whether a player is playing on offense or defense.

Here are some steps for executing an effective Boxing Out

  1. The first step is to choose the player you want to box out and position yourself close to the player.
  2. Get yourself close to the net but don’t go underneath that a rebound will never fall at you.
  3. Face the net in front of the player you want to box out, closing his view while positioning yourself in front of him.
  4. Use your back to distance from the player and crouch to get a more suitable position to explode as the ball gets a rebound.
  5. Open your arms like an eagle, waving up and down around the player to reach the opposing player.
  6. Prevent the player from accessing the basket and grab the ball as it gets in the air after hitting the rim or backboard.

Fouls and the Allowed Level of Contact

To know about the opposing player’s movement, you need physical contact, but make sure that the contact is not violent. Boxing out allows you to maintain your composure while the opponent is sealed to your back in a low, athletic stance. To increase the amount of space you can defend, you can extend your arms, but you shouldn’t hook them backward or grab the player. This creates a chance that the opposing player will commit an “over the back” foul to breach your defense, and your team will get the ball possession.

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