Does Basketball Make People Taller? Let’s Try to Find the Answer


If you enjoy watching NBA games or are a fan of the sport, you’ve probably noticed how much taller the players are than the ordinary person.

This raises the question of whether participating in basketball causes you to get taller. Maybe taller athletes are naturally drawn to competitive basketball. This will be mainly due to the advantage it affords them during competition. If you want to increase your height by a few inches, this is a particularly intriguing question.

The Big Question

Unfortunately for individuals hoping to grow taller, there is currently no proof that playing basketball, or any other form of exercise, increases your maximum height in a statistically meaningful way. The extent to which you achieve your genetic height potential is largely influenced by genetics. Environmental factors like diet during childhood and adolescence play a supporting role.

The good news is that playing basketball offers a wealth of other advantages that make it a wonderful activity. That too, for both adults and children despite the lack of impact on height.

A perspective From Science

Basketball does not raise your height, and there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. This lack of proof is not the result of a lack of investigation. A lot of studies have examined how it affects various physical characteristics.

A recent study examined the impact of a 10-week basketball training program on young athletes’ anthropometric and physiological traits. Lean body mass, jump height, grip strength, and other athletic performance increases were noted.

Additional studies on adults showed that playing basketball recreationally for several months improved a number of health indicators. That included blood pressure and body fat percentages.

Even though the purpose of this particular research was not to measure changes in height, any potential height increases would have been observed because participants provided this information. The idea is that basketball is not a sport that receives little attention. Thus it is reasonable to think that any studies on basketball and height would receive good press.

By dissecting the sport’s athletic movements and researching whether they have the potential to heighten people, you can evaluate the relationship between basketball and height further.

The following actions, performed during Basketball have all been well examined for their effects on human physiology:

  • running and sprinting
  • jumping
  • changes of direction
  • overhead tossing
  • chest passing

Even if you broaden your search to include studies that have examined these athletic abilities, there is still no proof that training regimens that include exercises from these categories increase height.

There is no scientific evidence to support basketball or any other physical activity intervention as a strategy to increase height. Despite the fact that scientific advancements can always alter the possible evidence supporting the effects of different exercise regimens.

In short, there is no scientific evidence that Basketball, or any other physical activity, can increase height.

Noah Davis
Former Collegiate Basketball Player Currently working as a sports writer sports enthusiast and Basketball lover

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