Bobby Portis Highlights Differences between NBA and FIBA Basketball

Bobby Portis Highlights Differences between NBA and FIBA Basketball

In anticipation of the 2023 FIBA World Cup, Bobby Portis, the formidable player of the Milwaukee Bucks highlights the differences between NBA and FIBA basketball and is gearing up to represent his team and country. Through his active participation, Portis is gradually comprehending the subtle distinctions that set NBA and FIBA tournaments apart.

Esteemed NBA star Luka Doncic has previously alluded to this contrast by stating, “Scoring is relatively more straightforward in the NBA due to distinct regulations.”

Following his engagement in three preparatory matches against international teams such as Spain, Slovenia, and Puerto Rico, Portis is gaining firsthand experience of the global game.

“The games are two totally different games,” said Portis.

Significant Differences Between NBA and FIBA Basketball

While the fundamental objective remains consistent across NBA and FIBA basketball – to outscore the opposing team – noteworthy differences between NBA and FIBA basketball exist that compel players to reconsider their strategic approach. To begin with, the three-point line is of a shorter length.

Furthermore, the games are notably briefer – 48 minutes in the NBA compared to four 10-minute quarters in FIBA. Additionally, players face disqualification upon committing their fifth foul in FIBA, in contrast to the NBA where six fouls are necessary for disqualification.

However, arguably the most pivotal contrast revolves around the level of physicality. FIBA embraces a considerably more physical approach, with referees allowing a higher degree of contact. This necessitates players to adapt their playing style to achieve success.

Adjustment Phase

Numerous NBA athletes also expressed the differences between NBA and FIBA basketball, the array of disparities can make adjusting to FIBA tournaments like the Olympics or World Cup a formidable challenge.

Players must exercise heightened vigilance regarding their fouls and devise strategies to maximize court efficiency without succumbing to avoidable fouls. Moreover, quick decision-making and swift movements must be honed to leverage the shorter three-point line and the heightened physicality of the game.

“The physicality is different,” Paolo Banchero said. “You can be physical on defense in terms of redirecting your man, the way you can guard. That’s the biggest thing that stands out. And a 40-minute game, goes by quicker. In the NBA, you can be down 20 in the first quarter and not be worried because you’ve got time. You can ease into the game a little bit. Not here; you want to be going 100 mph from the jump.”


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