Kendrick Perkins on James Harden: ‘NBA Doesn’t Need’ Him

Kendrick Perkins on James Harden: 'NBA Doesn't Need' Him

NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins on James Harden asserts that the Philadelphia 76ers guard  “stands to risk everything.”

Former Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden chose to exercise his $35.6 million player option with the Philadelphia 76ers this offseason. However, strong indications imply an impending departure from the Sixers.

The genesis of Harden’s desire to leave is rooted in his strained rapport with Sixers president Daryl Morey, whom he recently labeled as “dishonest.”

This is not the initial instance where Harden has expressed his intention to depart from a team. He previously encountered tumultuous situations with the Rockets in 2020 and the Brooklyn Nets in 2021.

Prominent NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins expounded that Harden’s recurring discord with both current and past teams places a significant burden on his future prospects.

Kendrick Perkins on James Harden

“James Harden has everything to lose and if he’s not careful, he could possibly be out of the league after next year,” remarked Kendrick Perkins on James Harden during ESPN’s broadcast of NBA Today on Wednesday.“You can’t trust him, he’s been disgruntled for the last 4-out-of-5 years with the Rockets, the (Brooklyn) Nets, and now the Philadelphia 76ers.”

Despite being a member of the esteemed NBA 75th Anniversary Team, Harden remains devoid of a championship ring. Although approaching the age of 34 (as of August 26), he remains a prominent figure in the league. However, he did not participate in the All-Star game for the first time since the 2011-12 season.

Perkins contends that Harden’s potential marginal decline in the 2022-23 season is sufficient grounds for teams to reconsider their pursuit of him.

“James Harden is not indispensable to the NBA,” Kendrick Perkins on James Harden. “The league evolves by transitioning from seasoned superstars and consistently welcoming a new wave of young superstars each year. Progression is inherent to the league’s nature.”


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