James Harden Sells Out 10000 Wine Bottles in Seconds on Chinese Livestream

James Harden Sells Out 10000 Wine Bottles in Seconds on Chinese Livestream

Renowned NBA player James Harden expressed amazement as his personally branded wine, James Harden sells out 10000 wine bottles, was swiftly purchased by Chinese enthusiasts within moments, highlighting the immense influence of live streaming in a nation where basketball enjoys widespread adoration.

The experienced Philadelphia 76ers guard participated in a live stream event hosted by online sensation Crazy Brother Yang on Tuesday to endorse his J-Harden wine brand. This drew an audience of 15 million viewers, as reported by the state-controlled tabloid Global Times.

“How many bottles do you usually sell in a day … from one store?” Yang asked Harden, who replied: “A few cases.”

Yang proceeded to challenge Harden to witness the speed of their sales endeavor, to which Harden agreed, crossing his arms and awaiting the outcome.

“Ready? Go!” Yang told viewers. Just 14 seconds later, he shouted: “Stop!”

The impressive display yielded 5,000 orders for two bottles each at a price of $60, generating a rapid revenue of $300,000, as indicated by the Global Times.

“No Way”, Harden scrutinized a computer monitor before bursting into laughter and applause as James Harden sells out 10000 wine bottles.

The phenomenon of livestream shopping has surged in popularity across China, evolving into a multibillion-dollar industry. This fusion of entertainment and e-commerce involves hosts offering real-time flash deals or discount vouchers to viewers. Audiences can promptly purchase products from streamers and even bestow virtual “gifts” upon their preferred celebrities.

Livestream hosts market a diverse range of products, spanning cosmetics, skincare items, and even household essentials like laundry detergent. Accomplished hosts stand to earn substantial incomes, enticing many to forsake traditional employment in pursuit of online stardom.

Harden’s livestream swiftly gained traction on Chinese social media platforms and James Harden sells out 10000 wine bottles, with some enthusiasts humorously suggesting that he might consider playing basketball in China to capitalize on his robust fan base there.

The sport of basketball enjoys remarkable popularity in China, in part due to the legendary NBA career of Chinese icon Yao Ming. The league has also cultivated a long-standing presence in the nation, investing significant time and resources in constructing courts, organizing preseason matches, and initially granting broadcast rights at no cost.

The overwhelming support from hundreds of millions of Chinese fans translates into lucrative sponsorship agreements for the NBA and its prominent players. Prior to the pandemic, China contributed at least 10% of the league’s total revenue, as per an analyst’s assessment.

However, conducting business in China comes with its own set of challenges. In 2019, the NBA found itself embroiled in a political controversy when then-Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey expressed support for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests through a tweet.

The aftermath saw the NBA’s Chinese partners severing ties with the league, state broadcaster CCTV suspending match broadcasts, and the Chinese government demanding “mutual respect” from the NBA.

Although Morey issued an apology and deleted the tweet, the incident sparked outrage among fans in the United States and Hong Kong, who accused the league of censorship and capitulation to Beijing’s influence.

Harden, a member of the Rockets at the time, also expressed regret over the episode. “We apologize, we love China, we love playing here,” he stated to reporters in the days following Morey’s tweet. “We love everything they are about. We appreciate the support they give us individually and as an organization.”

Recently, Harden openly criticized Morey – now the president of the 76ers – amidst ongoing speculation about trade matters surrounding the 2018 NBA Most Valuable Player.

Harden unequivocally stated during a China-based event, “Daryl Morey is untruthful, and I refuse any association with an entity he is associated with.”

This remark has circulated widely on social media platforms. The statement was offered in response to a crowd query about ending trade discussions, according to


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