Would it be possible for the Mavericks to acquire Myles Turner and Buddy Hield in the same trade with the Pacers?


The Dallas Mavericks would greatly appreciate using another secondary playmaker, but they wouldn’t mind signing Myles Turner and Buddy Hield if they could. What if the Dallas Mavericks continued the upgrade trend by trading for versatile center Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers? They have already improved their big-man depth by adding Christian Wood and JaVale McGee. On the other hand, what about Buddy Hield? Who would give Luka Doncic another potent 3-point shooter?

The Pacers are in an exciting position. Although they could be considered a rebuilding team for the coming years, they probably have enough talent on their roster to prevent them from completely tanking. Turner’s current contract with Indiana is about to expire, but he hasn’t agreed to a new one. Suppose the Pacers don’t trade him before the trade deadline for the following season. They will run the risk of losing him to free agency.

Additionally, Indiana is in an odd situation with Hield too. They had acquired him through a trade from the Sacramento Kings with Tyrese Haliburton last season in exchange for Domantas Sabonis. Hield would seem to fit perfectly into Coach Rick Carlisle’s offense. Still, the Pacers already have Haliburton, Chris Duarte, and Benedict Mathurin.

The Mavs now have some big men available for trade and are Carlisle-friendly big men. The proposed deal that GM Nico Harrison, at the very least, discusses with the Pacers.

Mavs will receive Myles Turner and Buddy Hield.

Pacers will receive Tim Hardaway Jr., Dwight Powell, and Maxi Kleber, a 2025 first-round pick.

The 2025 pick mentioned above cannot currently be traded unless the lottery protections on the 2023 pick are lifted because Dallas still owes the New York Knicks its 2023 first-round pick. Along with the talent returning, the Mavericks would probably need to include at least one first-round pick in a deal with the Pacers because Hardaway Jr. has three years left on his contract while Hield only has two.

Meanwhile, the Mavs need to be patient and wait to build up enough picks and pick swaps to enter trade negotiations if another superstar becomes available. Something they haven’t been able to do this summer in the race to sign Donovan Mitchell or Kevin Durant. Moreover, we’ve repeatedly discovered with the Mavs in the past that placing bets on speculative future events rarely pays off.

It is lethal to sacrifice future flexibility for a team that has just advanced to the Western Conference Finals. The Mavs must determine the ideal opportunity to tinker with their roster.

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