WNBA Suns vs Aces Prediction, Preview, and Analysis for Game 3 of WNBA Finals


WNBA Suns vs Aces Prediction, Preview, and Analysis for Game 3 of WNBA Finals

Aces vs Suns Preview

Game 3 of the WNBA finals are upon us with the Aces having a commanding lead of 2-0. The Suns need to find their footing at all costs in the next game to stay alive in the finals. But how are the Suns going to stop the high-flying Aces? In both games, the Suns’ strategy failed and the Aces bullied past them quite easily.

Game 1 had the Suns controlling the momentum and the evident strategy was to play defensive. However, the strategy of keeping the game a low-scoring battle didn’t yield results for the Suns. In game 2, the Aces controlled the momentum of the game by playing all over the court. However, the game changer and top players were the trios of Wilson, Gray, and Plum. These three collectively scored 67 points out of Ace’s 85. However, the surprise package was Plum’s performance in the previous game which neither the opponents nor the team fathomed.

Las Vegas Aces are closer to their first-ever WNBA title. And the way they are playing right now, it does not seem a long shot at all. The difference between the Suns and Aces is the shooting from outside. Aces have an improved ratio in possession shooting conversion as well as three-pointers. Their remarkable stats on three-pointers go like 39.7% conversions.

Suns Counter Strategy

Suns on the other hand have only 17.3, making only 5.5 shots from deep per 100 possessions. What the Suns now need to do to remain afloat in the finals is to keep the defensive plans in tact from game 1. Moreover, the Suns need to come up with a plan to counter Wilson and Gray. They need to play their big players and use them wisely to preserve their stamina.

The Prediction:

The Suns will bounce back in the next game and will win one for their home crowd.

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