Wilson Evolution Basketball: Reviewing the most widely used indoor basketball in high school and collegiate level play


Even though Spalding balls are the NBA’s official ball supplier, most players have always played using Wilson balls. The Wilson Evolution is the composite leather indoor basketball that is most frequently used at the high school and university levels of competition. Wilson has made many basketballs throughout the years, but the Wilson Evolution has become their most recognizable model. What precisely makes the Evolution so popular given that it has a conventional 8-panel design and a straightforward layout?

There are traditional classics and contemporary classics. Basketballs from the Evolution series are unquestionably worthy of consideration in the modern classics category. We looked more closely at this model even though Wilson is already a well-known brand in athletic wear and the general quality of their products should never be questioned. However, basketball is not their typical market.

The soft and Grippy cover makes it easy for the Palms to Grip

The Wilson Evolution has a remarkably soft and grippy surface that makes it easy to palm and enjoyable to catch, contrary to what you might anticipate given that many players have grown to love the basketball they used in school. The Wilson Evolution is notably more soft and grippy than most indoor composite leather basketballs. Wilson credit the ball’s “cushion core carcass” for a large portion of its added grip. In essence, a rubber sponge liner takes the place of the interior foam that is more frequently observed.

Pebbled Channels make it comfortable to Grip

The Evolution’s pebbled channels are another distinctive quality that ties with the idea of improved grip. On a basketball, channels (the black lines that divide the panels) are normally smooth; however, on the Evolution, the channels are pebbled, just like the panels themselves. This means that compared to other basketballs, the seams offer more traction. The stones help to expand the channels and offer moisture-wicking qualities. These channels lessen the effect that sweat has on the handling of the player’s hands, which can get sweaty.

“Cushion Core” technology gives it a superior bounce

Wilson advertises the ball as having “cushion core” technology to give it a better bounce, but we’re not completely sure if this feature actually improves bounce or if it’s just a marketing gimmick. The distinction is that a rubber sponge liner has been added in place of the typical inner foam lining. In any event, the Wilson Evolution does exceptionally well in bounce testing because it is an NFHS-approved basketball.

Marginally lighter in weight than some other popular composite leather balls

The Evolution offers many sizes but the most in-demand sizes are 6 Intermediate (28.5″) and 7 Official (29.5″). Although slightly lighter than certain other well-known composite leather balls, such as the Baden Elite, and not quite as heavy as the official NBA game ball, which weighs about 22 ounces.


Wilson’s Evolution ball is a winning recipe. It is a straightforward composite leather basketball with a few clever extras that give it greater consistency throughout its surface and allow it to function well even when wet.

However, there is no denying that its softness, tact, and grip are what make it such a well-liked ball. It’s also a terrific basketball for people who wish to practice with a ball that is frequently used in training and competitions because of its extensive use.

Noah Davis
Former Collegiate Basketball Player Currently working as a sports writer sports enthusiast and Basketball lover

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