Who is A’ja Wilson? All You Need to Know About Her Life-Changing Moment, Biography and Net Worth

A'ja Wilson Biography, Age, Net worth and Boyfriend

At the age of 13, A’ja Wilson had no passion or intention to follow the footsteps of her father, Roscoe C. Wilson Jr. who served Europe as a professional player for more than a decade. Even A’ja was extremely angry when she got to know that she had been signed for a basketball day-camp during her summer break. However, that basketball camp changed her vision and became highly influential in her growth as a player. During the camp, she got a chance to meet USA Women’s Basketball head coach, Dawn Staley, a meeting that came out productive and gifted WNBA a star player.

Basketball had a lot to offer to Wilson

A’ja Wilson attended her first USA National Team training camp in 2017 after winning gold in three youth competitions, including two FIBA U19 World Cups. She later helped the USA win gold at the 2020 Olympics and the 2018 FIBA World Cup, and she was one of the eight players that agreed to take part in the USA’s extended training programme for the 2019–20 season. From 2013 to 2021, Wilson had a 54-2 overall record while wearing a USA Basketball outfit.

Fast forward to 2021, the 6’5 feet, Wilson has become a WNBA superstar and has been chosen to play for Team USA in women’s basketball at the Tokyo Olympic Games. It seems like she has developed into a little bit like her father after all.

Wilson is not just on a quest to love basketball “on her own terms,” but she has also faced various obstacles to get to where she is now.

Through the A’ja Wilson Foundation, she is now leveraging her personal experiences to support and assist individuals who find themselves in a similar situation as a result of her dyslexia, a near-death experience with vertigo, and mental health concerns.

A’ja Wilson suffered Dyslexia

Wilson was coming of age, just like many other teenagers, trying to find out who she was, what she wanted, and how basketball fit into those things. But she was having trouble in the classroom. She was not only left to fell “dumb,” but also told by teachers that she needed to “work harder” or stop being “lazy.”

With the assistance of her parents, she learned that she had dyslexia in her sophomore year of high school, which is a learning disability. Wilson perceived it as a flaw that she didn’t want to reveal to anyone else. And as her time in high school drew to a close, she had achieved such success in basketball that concerns about her learning skills vanished.

When Wilson joined Staley

A’ja Wilson said: “I honestly remember being in college when she [Staley] was named the head coach of the team I just started crying.

“I just could not hold back the tears, because I was just so proud to be a player of hers.

With the help of Staley, Wilson became more open about dyslexia and adopted to perform outside of her comfort zone. Wilson was once required to read Scripture before games by the head coach. By sticking with it, she was able to overcome her dyslexia and improve her reading skills. This was the small taste of the extraordinary bond she shares with Staley, who will be with them once more this summer when Wilson makes her Olympic debut for Team USA under her leadership.

A’ja Wilson Foundation

Wilson has been dedicated to assisting kids and families with dyslexia through the foundation she founded with her parents, as well as trying to stop bullying, ever since she was selected first overall in the 2018 NFL Draft.

A’ja Wilson Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to serve students struggling with dyslexia and strictly stop bullying among youth through educational programs, camps and workshops. AWF works to improve the culture of students and guide them to a valued living.

A’ja Wilson Bio

A’ja Wilson stands out to be the most impactful WNBA player in the recent times. She has gained a lot of fame in the digital world as well.

Who is A’ja Wilson’s Boyfriend?

A’ja Wilson does believe in love and her Boyfriend name is Josh Cunningham.

Wilson Age and Weight?

You will be amazed to know that A’ja Wilson is just 26 years old with date of birth August 8, 1996.

Net Worth?
Her net worth and salary is often discussed among fans but till now many of them doesn’t know how much she earns and where she stands in net worth. A’ja Wilson has a net worth of more than $2 million just from basketball.


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