What is the Spread? Here is our guide to most popular way to wager when it comes to betting basketball odds

Point Spreads Guide

Modern Sports, or Basketball to be precise, sometimes have some vast mismatches. Betters usually have a huge problem placing the bets as the odds are quite clear. Basketball point spreads level the playing field to keep basketball betters interested in even the biggest mismatches.

How does basketball point spreads operate?

Basketball betting odds are most frequently placed using the point spread. The point spread, in its most basic version, evens the playing field in every game, regardless of the mismatch. When determining how many points separate the two teams, odds makers evaluate both teams as well as their present form, the venue, and any significant injuries.

How to read Basketball Spread?

The point spread favorite before the point spread is denoted by a negative value (-), and bettors must win their wager if their team wins by more than that margin. Similarly, the team that is the underdog has a positive value (+) in front of its point spread, and to win the wager, it must either win outright or suffer a loss that is smaller than that spread.

LA Lakers+2.5 (-110)
Boston Celtics-2.5 (-110)


In the above example, assuming the Boston Celtics win by at least three points to cover the spread, they are the favorite at -2.5 against the spread (ATS). Similarly, the LA Lakers are the underdog by a point spread of +2.5, meaning that the bet can be settled on the basis of either a win or a loss of no more than two points.

What is Vig or juice?

The second set of odds is listed beside the point spread odds. The cost of placing the wager is the odds, also referred to as the vig or juice. The Celtics +2.5 in the aforementioned scenario has a vig of -110. Accordingly, a bettor would have to stake $110 in order to win $100.

The bettor stands to gain more from the same wager when a vig is a positive number. If the vig was +110, $100 bets would return $110 in winnings.

The Best Strategies for NBA ATS betting

As we have explained how the Spread system of betting works, it’s time to introduce some point spread betting tips and strategies.

Beat the Closing Number

NBA odds are usually released as late as the morning of the game, although they are typically released about 24 hours before tipoff. The early bird gets the worm, as the proverb says. The largest fluctuation in NBA point spreads occurs right after bookmakers publish them.

NBA odds makers these days don’t let anything slip in terms of injuries or current form. Nevertheless, betting early before the statistics settle in is the greatest method to discover market inefficiencies. In light of this, be sure to compare prices and choose the best one. All books are not created equal.

Count on the current form on the court

Basketball is a run-based game. Hot and cool streaks are typical, and individual games with 20-point swings are not unusual. Look at a team’s shooting over the past week or so before placing a spread bet.

Know your NBA matchups

Basketball teams have strengths and limitations, just like any other sport. Using our scores and matchups page, carefully examine how those characteristics compare to the opponent playing that day in order to pick the greatest NBA point spread bets.

Make sure you consider how that could shift the narrative and place your bets properly if a team struggles to defend on the perimeter and plays against an exceptional three-point shooting team.

Track Injuries and load management

NBA seasons with 82 games may be taxing. Similar to any other major sport, injuries can have a substantial impact on a team’s ability to beat the spread. Whether they play or not, NBA stars will have the biggest impact on basketball odds. However, depending on their availability, a team may only have one or two players (or none) who will move a line.

To ease the burden on those NBA superstars, load management has emerged as the vogue phrase. A week with too many games? Observe a day off. Some players won’t play on consecutive nights, especially if they have recently recovered from an injury.

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