Valanciunas Barely Beats Milutinov in the Rebounding Race: A Season-Long Journey


Valančiūnas Barely Beats Milutinov in the Rebounding Race: A Season-Long Journey


The NBA is a league filled with breathtaking dunks, spectacular three-pointers, and highlight-reel plays. But there’s one fundamental aspect of the game that often goes underappreciated — rebounding. Rebounding is not only about collecting missed shots; it’s about securing second chances for your team and demoralizing your opponents. In the 2022-2023 NBA season, two giants of the boards, Jonas Valančiūnas and Nikola Milutinov, engaged in a thrilling race for the title of the league’s top rebounder. Let’s take a closer look at their season-long battle for dominance on the glass.

The Contenders
Jonas Valančiūnas:

Team: New Orleans Pelicans
Height: 6’11”

Known for his brute strength and tenacity in the paint, Valančiūnas has long been regarded as one of the NBA’s premier rebounders. With a knack for positioning and relentless pursuit of the ball, he’s a force to be reckoned with on the boards.

Nikola Milutinov:

Team: San Antonio Spurs
Height: 7’0″

Milutinov, though not as well-known as Valančiūnas, is a formidable presence in the painting. His towering frame and excellent timing make him a natural rebounder, and he’s quietly made a name for himself in this department.

The Race Begins

The race for the rebounding title kicked off with both Valančiūnas and Milutinov showcasing their skills early in the season. Valančiūnas, playing for the New Orleans Pelicans, established himself as the primary glass-cleaner for his team, consistently pulling down double-digit rebounds. On the other side, Milutinov, donning a San Antonio Spurs jersey, quickly emerged as a strong contender, often outmuscling opponents under the basket.

Mid-Season Showdowns

As the season progressed, the battle intensified. Valančiūnas and Milutinov had several head-to-head matchups that had fans on the edge of their seats. Their duels in the paint were fierce, with each player determined to prove their rebounding supremacy. During this stretch, both players had numerous games with 15 or more rebounds, displaying their incredible consistency.

Statistical Insights

To understand the tight race, let’s delve into the numbers:

Valančiūnas averaged around 13 rebounds per game throughout the season, keeping himself at the forefront of the race.

Milutinov was not far behind, averaging approximately 12.5 rebounds per game. His ability to snatch boards in traffic and convert putbacks was a sight to behold.

The Final Stretch

As the regular season neared its conclusion, Valančiūnas maintained a slight edge in the race for the rebounding title. However, Milutinov was relentless in his pursuit, having several outstanding games in the final weeks. With every missed shot, the basketball world watched closely to see if Milutinov could overtake Valančiūnas in the final stretch.

The Photo Finish

In the end, it came down to the last few games of the season. Valančiūnas and Milutinov were neck and neck in the rebounding statistics. Every rebound counted, and fans of both players held their breath as they awaited the final tally.

Jonas Valančiūnas barely clinched the title, finishing as the league’s top rebounder by a mere 0.2 rebounds per game. His relentless pursuit of the ball and unwavering commitment to his craft paid off, securing him the rebounding crown for the season.


The race between Jonas Valančiūnas and Nikola Milutinov for the NBA’s top rebounder was a thrilling spectacle. Both players showcased their incredible skills and dedication to their craft throughout the season. Valančiūnas emerged as the victor in this closely contested battle, but it’s essential to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of both athletes.

Rebounding may not always steal the spotlight, but it’s a crucial aspect of the game that can often be the difference-maker in close contests. Valančiūnas and Milutinov’s season-long duel serves as a reminder of the beauty of the less glamorous facets of basketball and the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines true competitors in the NBA.


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