The NBA Legend Questioned Draymond Green’s Focus in Finals

Celtics vs Warriors

Basketball enthusiasts are looking excited about Green’s response regarding the critics on his podcast.

The two-time NBA and Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas criticized Golden State Warriors star forward Draymond Green, courtesy of his dismal performance in the third game of the Warriors against the Celtics. He questioned his focus and took an aim at him regarding his podcasts. Warriors lost the game, and Green contributed only two points, three assists, and four rebounds and fouled out in the 35 minutes of the game, the worst playoff game of his life. This is not the first time the star has been under the ax as he got ripped by Robert Parish for his performance in the second game of the series.

“The NBA Finals, and when you’re playing for a championship, it really is about your mental toughness and your mental focus, and being able to totally 100 percent concentrate on your opponent,” Thomas burst out on NBA TV during post-match analysis “Shutting him down, understanding their offensive and defensive schemes. Any time you lose that focus or that concentration and you’re talking about Cedric Maxwell, and you’re talking about podcasts, and you’re talking about the fans, then you have really lost your concentration and your focus.

“And where does that show up? That shows up in the box score in a game like tonight where you played 34 minutes, you have four rebounds, three assists, and two points. Draymond Green does that in a grade school game, not in the NBA Finals. So, when you talk about focus, this is what the NBA Finals is about, and right now he has lost focus in terms of concentrating on beating the opponent.

“He’s not talking about Jaylen Brown. He’s not talking about (Jayson) Tatum, he’s not talking about Marcus Smart. He’s talking about podcasts and he’s talking about Cedric Maxwell and the fans. Concentration needs to come back on the Boston Celtics players who you’re playing against on the floor.”

The Golden Warrior star hosts his podcast “The Draymond Green Show” where he discusses NBA-relevant stories. Perhaps, he will discuss Thomas’ remarks about him, and that certainly would be ironic to see how he reflects back on the critics.

The Warriors will need to bounce back with full strength in game four of the series. Otherwise, the Celtics are looking promising to go 3-1 up in the series.

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