Lebron James Reaches Billionaire Status and Talks About NBA Team He’d Like to Own

Lebron J

Lebron James who already is a part owner of both English Club Liverpool and American baseball club the Boston Red Sox reveals that he now wants to but a Vegas based NBA team. Currently he is 37, in the twilight of his career and is still a very hot commodity in the NBA, is planning his post playing days already.

Here is what Lebron said:

“I want to buy a team, for sure,” James said.
“I want a team in Vegas. Yeah, I want the team in Vegas.”

Intel on Vegas Based NBA Team?

Bill Simmons of The Ringer revealed in February that he has “information” about NBA expansion and predicted that Seattle and Las Vegas would both get clubs at some time. Simmons also projected that James will be a part of the Las Vegas ownership group.

While commissioner Adam Silver recently rejected any current expansion conversations, he did admit that once they do start talking about it, Vegas will “no doubt” be on the list of potential destinations. And Silver now has at least one buyer in mind.

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