Stephen Curry Narrowly Avoids a Kiss from a Female Fan During Championship Parade in San Francisco

Ayesha Curry's Viral Revelation: A Peek into the Curious Love for Steph's Foot Fetish

Stephen Curry Dodges Kiss During Championship Parade

San Francisco is jubilant and the celebrations aren’t stopping anytime soon. The euphoria is brought to the city by the Golden State Warriors with their 2022 NBA Championship title. The run meant a lot to the team as for the past couple of years, the team struggled hard. It was the departure of Kevin Durant and rife injuries in the camp that made the journey arduous for the Warriors. However, this year, the closure was spectacular.

Now, the celebrations are at its peak and the championship parade reached San Francisco city. The parade and emotional fans experiencing euphoria is a recipe for unusual and hilarious moments. Klay Thompson doing the Michael Jackson moves, tackling a female supporter, and almost losing his ring were some of the funny moments.

Stephen Curry Avoids the Kiss

However, the weirdest moment happened with Steph Curry when he got approached by a female fan. The women leaned into Stephen Curry to plant a kiss on his lips but Curry somehow avoided the kiss. Although it might have hurt the feelings of the fan Curry’s reaction was understandable. Stephen Curry has been long married to Ayesha Curry and is a faithful family man. The kissing could have landed him in trouble at home.

Check out the video below:

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