Can Han Xu become WNBA All-Star? A Prominent Coach is Hopeful.

Han Xu playing

Can Han Xu become WNBA All-Star?

Han Xu is one of the most promising WNBA basketball players right now. She hails from China and played her rookie WNBA season in 2019. However, she had to miss the next two seasons due to COVID-19 restrictions. But the way she played in WCBA competitions and the recent season, she has the spark, agility, and of course a height that can take her to new highs.

Han Xu Makes Inroads in the WNBA

Han Xu is one of the tallest players in the WNBA and around the world. She currently plays for Liberty and the team’s head coach is all praise her. Sandy Brondello has had experience in training tall players as she previously worked with Brittney Griner in Phoenix Mercury. Griner is 6’9” whereas Han Xu is 6’10”. So what makes Han Xu a future All-Star player? And what does it have to do with Griner?

Han Xu an All-Star in the Making?

Brondello is involved in the development and training of Griner and helped her become one of the top WNBA players. Now, Brondello thinks the same for Han Xu as she sees the same potential that was evident in Griner. However, it is Han’s ability to move quickly which makes her mobility an asset for the long run. Secondly, her footwork in the post is exceptional. The catch here is that if Han Xu works on her physical strength especially standing her ground when pushed then she will a massive threat. Moreover, she also needs to further improve her rim game when a bigger opponent is there to defend. Brondello adds that her defense is naturally strong and she is quite comfortable with her defense playmaking.

Praise from the likes of Brondello shows how much Han Xu is regarded in the WNBA. She is still young and has a whole lot to gain, the sky is the limit for her.


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