Stephen Curry Discusses How Much Time He Needed After Finals Victory


Basketball is a year-round sport, but as Steph Curry will attest, getting ready for a particular season may take even more time.
At Warriors Media Day, the 34-year-old explained to NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith Burke what it needed to prepare for the following season after winning the 2022 NBA Finals in June.
Curry said:
“A lot of it is understanding that the deeper that I get into my career, the more mileage you put onto your body, your kind of just do a little bit more often so I didn’t take that much time off. I actually got back in the gym about 12 days after the Finals.”
Curry admitted that he started working out on the court three weeks after the Finals and looked for methods to improve his efficiency, particularly as he approaches his 14th NBA season.
He further added:
“So, it’s just being more thoughtful around that and understanding that it’s a 12-month journey.
The Warriors player added that he began training “a year and a week” before Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals in order to be ready for the upcoming season.
Curry continued:
“It’s a 53-week process to get to Game 6 where you’re ready to go. That’s kind of what went into last season when you think about the offseason and the work going into the year.”
Then, Curry said to Burke, I try to stick to a constant schedule to get where I want to be at the end of the season now that I’m in my mid-thirties.
“It’s kind of the same process of just staying consistent and maintaining that level. Obviously mentally and physically, you can’t your peak all the time, which you kind of have to create a baseline that I can rely on as the season gets its legs,” Curry concluded.
Curry sets the bar for how players ought to conduct themselves as he is one of the senior players in the locker room.
Along with having a busy summer, Curry also contacted NFL quarterback Tom Brady for advice on how to fight off the effects of aging. The 45-year-old quarterback appears to have extended his peak to heights never previously seen in the sports world.
Curry is the driving force behind Golden State’s championship train as the Warriors try to defend their title in the next campaign.
Warriors supporters are hoping that Curry can guide them to yet another championship if he is in top form this season.

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