Steph Curry’s former Teammate, Jeremy Lin, shares an Amazing Untold Story of his Greatness


Former Golden State Warriors guard and New York Knicks standout, as well as, Steph Curry’s former teammate, Jeremy Lin, had a great story to share of the time the two players played together in the 2010-11 season.

Steph Curry and Jeremy Lin were teammates early in their careers and have remained close friends. The two guards got to know one another before they became famous. Both the players played together in the 2010–11 season. While Steph’s career undoubtedly earned him the title of all-time great, Jeremy Lin also briefly became a famous name. Most of Lin’s good days were spent playing for the New York Knicks.

Curry’s excellence really came through at the start of his career, said Jeremy in a recent interview with Sky Sports. Although there were no All-Star games, titles, or MVPs at the time, the work ethic and desire to win persisted.

“I was with [Steph] my rookie year. The coach that we had didn’t believe that much in Steph, and would bench him a lot, get on him, yell at him a lot, was just really tough on him.” Lin said. “It almost became normal that every fourth quarter, he would get benched for a certain stretch. I felt that would shake any player to some degree. Even though his confidence would waver a little bit – because of the way that he was being coached – he had a deep, deep, firm belief that he was a great player, that he would become a great player, and that the way things were going at that time was not how they were always going to go.”

Curry: A Practice Freak

Lin remembers instances when Steph and he went head-to-head in practice. Steph used to hold himself to a very high level on the defensive end. Steph pushed himself to a higher standard than anybody else. That was despite not being well-known for his defense or even anticipated to be a good defender. Jeremy Lin was able to observe Steph early in his career and is not at all astonished by the fact that he has developed into an all-time great player.

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