Steph Curry Reacts to Barca’s Star Pulling Off a Night Night Celebration


The “Night Night” celebration of Steph Curry has swept the sports world. Everyone from the world’s top professional players to minor-league athletes is copying the iconic celebration. Ousmae Dembélé of FC Barcelona was the most recent to do so.

After scoring a spectacular goal against Juventus, Dembélé performed the “Night Night” celebration, giving Barcelona a 2-1 lead on the cards. The celebration has gained enormous popularity. Moreover, Curry himself has become a fan of the “Night Night” moment since popularizing it during the NBA playoffs, when he won his first MVP award.

Although MLB players and young athletes are adding their inventive twits to the moment, Curry is embracing all the different and creative ways. Curry is one of the most influential players in the NBA, and his influence is now permeating other sports.

Steph Curry enjoys hearing different ways of performing the celebration and has also acknowledged several on Twitter. Meanwhile, LeBron James recently expressed his opinions on the celebration in response to an incident when a young player took a nap on the court after making a successful jump shot.

Aiden J. Miller
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