Steph Curry Claims to Be the Greatest Point Guard in NBA History

Steph Curry Claims to Be the Greatest Point Guard in NBA History

In a candid statement, Steph Curry confidently asserts his claim as the premier point guard in NBA history. When questioned about his standing among the pantheon of greatest point guard in NBA history, Curry opted for straightforwardness rather than feigning humility.

During an exchange with former NBA player Gilbert Arenas, Curry unequivocally responded, “Yes,” when asked if he considers himself the greatest point guard ever in the NBA. This assertion came with an understanding of his own exceptional achievements and the indelible impact he has left on the game.

Elaborating on his stance on the greatest point guard in NBA History, Curry stated, “I have to, yes. It’s me and Magic [Johnson] is that the conversation?”

“Obviously, I have to answer that way,” Curry added. “Magic’s resume is ridiculous. So the fact that we’re having that conversation, that’s the place I never thought I’d be in.”

In evaluating his assertion, it’s worth noting that Magic Johnson boasts a formidable legacy, having secured three MVP awards throughout his career (Curry holds two) and clinched three Finals MVP honors (Curry secured his first in 2022). Johnson’s legacy further extends to five championship titles earned with the Los Angeles Lakers, accompanied by an array of other notable accolades.

With a nod to Magic Johnson‘s accomplishments, on the topic of the greatest point guard in NBA History Curry acknowledged, “Magic? That’s a lofty resume to shoot for. I’m still going,” This assertion implies Curry’s aspiration to continue amassing both individual and team accolades. Currently, he possesses four NBA championship rings to his name.

Arenas emphasized that Magic’s playing style leaned more toward that of a “point forward,” attributed to his stature. In contrast, Curry’s distinctive style has undeniably revolutionized the game and served as an influential blueprint for aspiring young players seeking to emulate his innovative approach.


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