Former NBA Player Josh Jackson Accused of Sexual Assault in Civil Lawsuit

Former NBA Player Josh Jackson Accused of Sexual Assault in Civil Lawsuit

Allegations on Josh Jackson Accused of sexual assault have been levied against Josh Jackson, a former NBA player, who is accused of committing the act within the confines of a New York City hotel room subsequent to a Super Bowl event in February 2022.

A civil lawsuit has been formally lodged against the 26-year-old Jackson in the U.S. District Court, as elucidated by Daniel Libit of Sportico. Importantly, these legal proceedings do not encompass any criminal charges.

Further insights into the case were provided by Libit. The complainant, whose identity remains undisclosed in legal filings, alleges that her initial presence at the gathering was motivated by a romantic interest in NBA player Andre Drummond, the co-host of the event and not implicated in the accusations. However, she reportedly left the gathering with Jackson and subsequently agreed to meet with him at his hotel in the early morning hours, operating under the assumption that Drummond was accompanying him.

Josh Jackson Accused of Sexual Assault: The Allegations in the Lawsuit

“The woman claims she was very intoxicated upon arriving at Jackson’s room at the New York Edition Hotel, at which point, the lawsuit says, he propositioned her for sex, offering her $1,500 while boasting that he had another $12 million in his bank account. The plaintiff says she rebuffed his request before laying down on the bed in the room and falling asleep.

“At some point later, the plaintiff alleges, she was awakened by Jackson attempting to forcibly have sex with her and tried to fight him off. The lawsuit says she left the hotel room, purchased an emergency contraceptive from a pharmacy, and took a train home where she showered.”

The plaintiff in Josh Jackson accused of sexual assault lawsuit additionally claims that two “intimidating, hooded female individuals” subsequently entered her apartment, accusing her of stealing Jackson’s watch. These individuals allegedly assaulted and robbed her, leading to larceny and criminal trespassing charges against them.

Approximately two months later, the plaintiff reported the alleged incident to the New York City police. A redacted copy of the incident report, provided to Sportico by her lawyer Seamus Barrett, aligns with Jackson’s “age and biographical details,” although his name is not explicitly mentioned.

Josh Jackson, chosen as the No. 4 overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft, spent five seasons in the league, playing for the Phoenix Suns, Memphis Grizzlies, Detroit Pistons, and Sacramento Kings.


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