Spurs Eyeing UConn’s Stephon Castle for 2024 NBA Draft

Spurs Eyeing UConn's Stephon Castle for 2024 NBA Draft
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Having the No. 4 and No. 8 selections in the 2024 NBA Draft gives the San Antonio Spurs a lot of power. Per Jeremy Woo of ESPN, the Spurs are targeting UConn guard Stephon Castle.

Who is Stephon Castle?

Castle, standing at 6-foot-7 and weighing 210 pounds, received recognition as the Big East Rookie of the Year and was also honored on the NCAA All-Tournament team during the 2023–24 season. His average per game was 11.1 points, 2.9 assists, and 0.8 steals. Despite needing to improve his perimeter shooting, Castle shows promise due to his versatility and size. He also has an NCAA championship title to his name.

Derrick White: An Unlikely MVP Pick

During the Eastern Conference Finals, Derrick White, who used to play for the Spurs, has been scoring an average of 18 points while making 42 percent of his three-point shots. An ESPN reporter chose White as a potential MVP for the Eastern Conference Finals, but many doubted the prediction. White’s progress remains impressive, highlighting his development post-departure from San Antonio.

Celebrations and Milestones

  • Jeremy Sochan’s 21st Birthday: Sochan, a youthful wing player for the Spurs, marks his 21st birthday. Even though he is celebrating, he still has to improve his jump shot since he only made 30 percent of his three-point shots last season.
  • Tony Parker Turns 42: The 2007 NBA Finals MVP and San Antonio Spurs legend marked his 42nd birthday with a celebration. Parker, famed for his signature shot, established a lasting impact through winning four NBA titles and earning six All-Star selections.

Injury Updates and Predictions

  • Nikola Topic: Nikola Topic is anticipated to participate in pre-draft events despite suffering a knee injury during the ABA Finals. The prediction is that the topic will be selected as the fourth overall pick by the Spurs.
  • Victor Wembanyama: Kevin Durant foresees that Victor Wembanyama, the French prodigy standing at 7-foot-4 and playing for the Spurs, will become the top player in the league within a decade. This is a promising sign for the future success of the Spurs.

Reflecting on Spurs’ History

On May 13, 2004, Derek Fisher from the Lakers hit a memorable three-pointer with 0.4 seconds remaining in regulation, resulting in the Spurs losing the series. Even with past challenges, the Spurs remain hopeful for a positive future.

Coaching Changes

  • Frank Vogel: The Phoenix Suns dismissed head coach Frank Vogel following a disappointing season in which the team, despite their All-Star trio, was swept in the first round of the playoffs.


By making smart selections in the upcoming NBA draft and having a talented young team, the Spurs are setting themselves up for a comeback. Stephon Castle’s possible inclusion, along with up-and-coming talents. Such as Victor Wembanyama, has the potential to bring about a new period of triumph for San Antonio. The team’s extensive history and effective development program create a sturdy base for upcoming success.

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