Miami Heat Eyeing Local Talent Kyshawn George for 2024 NBA Draft

Miami Heat Eyeing Local Talent Kyshawn George for 2024 NBA Draft
Credit: NBA and Miami Heat

The Miami Heat have the chance to strengthen their lineup by selecting the 15th pick in the upcoming 2024 NBA draft. Interestingly, they may not have to search extensively to find the right fit, as local standout Kyshawn George from the Miami Hurricanes could be a great option.

Kyshawn George: A Shooting Sensation

Kyshawn George, a six-foot-seven guard/forward, played his first and only year at Miami University as a member of the Hurricanes. Famous for his accuracy in shooting, George successfully made 40.8 percent of his three-point shots. Improving their three-point shooting ability could greatly boost the Heat’s offense, which is currently ranked 21st.

Playmaking Potential

George possesses more skills than just shooting. He recorded 67 assists while committing 48 turnovers, displaying his skills as a playmaker. His ability to see the court and pass effectively comes from his experience playing as a point guard. Amazingly, George has increased his height by nine inches in the last four years, transitioning from a point guard to a versatile wing player with impressive size.

Fit with the Heat

The Miami Heat have plenty of skilled players who can handle the ball and create plays. George’s skill in excelling as a threat while dribbling in live game situations, whether as a scorer or facilitator, enhances the team’s current dynamics. He can easily shift into a catch-and-shoot position, reducing his reliance on dribbling and increasing his influence in the game.

Areas for Improvement

Even though George is talented, there are still areas where he needs to improve. He is not top-tier in athleticism, and he has had difficulty defending against faster guards and more powerful wing players. Nonetheless, the Miami Heat’s well-known training program may assist him in facing these obstacles and realizing his entire capabilities.

A Calculated Gamble

Choosing George with the 15th pick comes with a bit of danger, but the possible benefits are significant. The Heat may be inclined to take a gamble on their capacity to enhance his skills, since achieving top-notch results is possible. If successful, George may become a crucial player, aiding in boosting the team’s overall performance.


Kyshawn George is an intriguing choice for the Miami Heat in NBA draft due to his combination of shooting, playmaking, and size. By utilizing their skills in developing players, the Heat have the potential to enhance this homegrown talent, which could improve their offensive performance and strengthen their team for the long term.

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