NBA Insider: LeBron James could leave the Lakers for the Cavs


Numerous trade rumors surrounding Russell Westbrook involve the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are at their best without Westbrook, so the front office must assemble a team that can challenge for the championship next season. Meanwhile, not just for the audience’s benefit but also to please LeBron James. Even though LeBron’s time in the league is running out, the last thing the Lakers want to do is let LeBron down and make him leave when his contract expires next summer.

Meanwhile, there would be the implication if LeBron left the Lakers. Anthony Davis, a fellow client of Klutch Sports, will also unexpectedly leave. Therefore, the trade of a player like Kyrie Irving is essential for the Lakers.

Now, it would be an interesting thought experiment to consider where LeBron might play if he decides to leave the Lakers. Although he and his family appear to enjoy both their personal and professional lives in Los Angeles, there is a place that always holds a place in LeBron’s heart, Cleveland. On top of that, Brian Windhorst, an NBA insider who has closely followed LeBron throughout his entire career, believes that LeBron may experience a second homecoming.

“I don’t sense that LeBron wants to leave the Lakers. But I would be remiss to not point out that the Cavs have positioned themselves to have huge salary cap space next summer. When LeBron could potentially be a free agent,” said Brian Windhorst.

On the other hand, Cleveland is releasing Kevin Love and Caris LeVert, valued at a total of $47.7 million. Although Darius Garland will need to receive an extension, the Cavaliers have Bird Rights on him, allowing them to use those Bird Rights to keep Garland and sign LeBron to a max contract.

Why would LeBron leave the Lakers for the Cavaliers?

If the Lakers’ front office didn’t show a serious commitment to winning the championship next year. Then LeBron will want to join a team with higher chances of winning the tournament as he knows that his time in the league is limited. The Cavaliers might seem like a much better team to win the championship in a year. If Garland keeps developing and Evan Mobley keeps improving, the addition of LeBron will transform the group into a champion.

LeBron James will have to wait a year until his son Bronny James joins the League because Bronny will be in the 2024 draft class. Meanwhile, theoretically, LeBron could play the 2022–23 season with Los Angeles Lakers, the 2023–24 season in Cleveland, and the final year 2024–25, wherever his son ends up. Now, Bronny may end up with the Cavaliers, and LeBron will get to play for his hometown alongside his son. Although it would be detrimental to the Lakers, it would also be highly poetic for one of the greatest basketball players in history.


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