Dell Curry Expects his Son to Dominate NBA for many Years to Come


Everybody experiences the effects of aging, but Steph Curry has been able to postpone the process. Steph had the most dominant playoff run of his career after turning 34 in March, winning his first Finals MVP honor. Steph has made people question when he might start slowing down because he seemed to be getting better with age.

Dell Curry, Steph’s father, recently projected at least four more years of domination for his son during an appearance on the “Dubs Talk” podcast. Dell Curry, who played until he was 38 years old, thinks Steph can outperform that.

Dell on if Steph can play beyond the age of 38

“Yeah, absolutely. Watching him play at 34, he can stay at this level. I think if he can be productive on the floor, he might not score 30 [points] a game, but you’re gonna have to guard him. That’s important to have on your team, someone that you have to guard… He still has the drive, he wants to win more. He’s hungry to win more. He has a four-year deal coming up, he can easily play at this level throughout that contract.”

While Steph’s shooting prowess will allow his game to age gracefully, his superior conditioning may further postpone that process. His father estimates that he has at least another four years of domination left.

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