NBA Draft 2022: How to Get Drafted in NBA, Eligibility, Requirements, All You Need to Know


Making it to the NBA is a dream for so many young hoopers out there. However, not everyone is lucky enough to reach the NBA via the draft. There are requirements and eligibility criteria for the players to meet the minimum. Hundreds of players each year make it to the drafts but only a few get selected by NBA’s 30 franchises. So, the question is, how do you know that you are eligible for the draft? There are several ways.

First, let’s talk about the general requirement and eligibility. A player becomes eligible for the NBA draft if he is at least 19 years of age on the night of the NBA draft. Moreover, if a player who is not an international player has at least one year removed from his high school graduating class.

Let’s see some other ways basketball players become eligible for the NBA draft.

Automatic Eligibility

If a player has completed four years of college basketball

High school graduation but no college in the US requires the passing of four years since high school graduation.

If a player has played for any professional basketball team outside NBA

International players are eligible but the age threshold is 22 years and must have played with a professional team outside NBA but within the USA

Early Entry

One and done: Play one year of college basketball and leave school to get into the NBA draft

19 years of age but with one year removed from high school

However, players eyeing this route need to declare their intentions to enter the draft no later than 60 days before the commencement of the draft

No one year college basketball, no problems. Play one season in NBA G-League and earn money but the catch here is that competition is not even close to what the Division I level displays.

No College

Reach out to Adam Silver’s NY office and request for early entrant status

Then fill out and return the draft application

Receive approval and take the decision to officially enter the NBA draft or withdraw from it

College underclassmen

Undergo evaluation for the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee after NCAA tournament finishes.

Ask your coach to check with NBA GMs where you rank among other players.


Meeting the requirements of NBA draft does not guarantee you a spot or even a serious consideration from the teams. Only 60 players get drafted to the NBA each year among hundreds of players.

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