2024 NBA Draft: DJ Burns, Armando Bacot Lead List of Undrafted Free Agents Securing Deals

2024 NBA Draft: DJ Burns, Armando Bacot Lead List of Undrafted Free Agents Securing Deals
Image Credit: 2024 NBA Draft

The journey to an NBA career as an undrafted player is fraught with challenges, but success is possible. Rockets guard Fred VanVleet, a former All-Star and NBA champion with the Raptors, exemplifies how one can carve out a significant career despite being overlooked on draft night. VanVleet went undrafted out of Wichita State in 2016 and has since become a beacon of hope for undrafted players.

Securing a guaranteed NBA contract as an undrafted free agent usually involves stints in the G League and a fair share of fortunate opportunities. While only a few manage to achieve this feat, many find successful careers playing overseas. However, the NBA Summer League often serves as the starting point for those aiming to break into the league.

Minutes after the conclusion of the 2024 NBA Draft on Thursday, reports began to surface about undrafted free agents signing deals with various teams. While it remains to be seen if any will follow in VanVleet’s footsteps, several prominent college stars are poised to prove their worth.

Prominent Undrafted Free Agents:

  • DJ Burns: The former NC State standout, known for his scoring ability and versatility, quickly secured a deal, hoping to showcase his talent in the Summer League and earn a spot on an NBA roster.
  • Armando Bacot: The North Carolina big man, renowned for his rebounding prowess and defensive presence, also landed a deal shortly after the draft. Bacot aims to bring his collegiate success to the professional level.

These players, among others, will begin their professional journeys in the NBA Summer League, striving to demonstrate they have what it takes to stick in the NBA. As history has shown, the path may be difficult, but for those with determination and talent, it is certainly attainable


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