Mamu’s Dedication: Doing Whatever It Takes for Georgia

Mamu's Dedication: Doing Whatever It Takes for Georgia

Sandro Mamukelashvili may have been just a kid when Georgia made its historic entry into the FIBA EuroBasket in 2011, but he understood the immense significance of his country’s basketball program. Mamu, as he’s affectionately known, has taken this responsibility to heart and is proud to represent his flag.

“It is a very, very big responsibility. I’m very excited to be here. In 2011, everything started, and those guys built everything year by year, and I’m part of this team,” said Mamu, now 24 years old. He acknowledges it as a great honor.

Those “guys” he speaks of, like Toko Shengelia and Giorgi Shermadini, were part of the team that initiated Georgia’s EuroBasket journey. Today, they serve as mentors, ensuring that the culture and tradition they established endure.

“We know we have a great captain in Toko who kinda holds everything down,” Mamu acknowledges. “He brings that roughness and tough mindset from those years because he was here. He’s just a great leader to be around.”

Fans have witnessed Toko’s leadership in action in Okinawa, where Georgia competes in its first-ever FIBA Basketball World Cup. His presence ignites a sense of urgency within the team, lifting the energy levels from players on the floor to those on the bench.

Despite becoming a regular contender in EuroBasket over the past decade, Georgia refuses to settle. They made history once again by qualifying for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023, a milestone that Mamu and his teammates take immense pride in, considering their contribution to the program.

“Just to think that there are three and a half, four million Georgian people in the world, and we made it to the World Cup coming out of Europe … it’s an honor and a blessing,” Mamu enthuses.

With confidence in their capabilities, especially their formidable frontcourt, Mamu believes Georgia can make an impact in the 2023 World Cup.

“We have unbelievable bigs. We have Toko who can be a point forward, I can be a point forward, Goga [Bitadze] can be a stretch big who’s very, very hard to guard, and then we have Shermo [Giorgi Shemadini] who’s unbelievable inside, his hook shot is unguardable,” he points out.

Their performance so far supports this belief, as Georgia surprised the competition by advancing to the Second Round with a 2-1 record in Group F.

Mamu himself has been crucial for Coach Ilias Zouros, showcasing versatility by playing multiple positions effectively. He attributes this to his outside shooting ability and his commitment to giving his all in every game.

“Outside scoring, being a mismatch, and playing with my heart out every game,” he emphasizes. “I will just try to help the team wherever they need me, but I feel like my strong suit is being a mismatch and trying to be a big wing, big guard.”

Georgia’s journey continues as they face an undefeated German team in the Second Round, with Mamu determined to leave everything on the floor and put Georgia on the map.


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