Luka Doncic demonstrated exceptional leadership and motivation

Luka Doncic demonstrated exceptional leadership and motivation

Luka Doncic demonstrated exceptional leadership and motivation, leaving his head coach, Aleksander Sekulic, pleasantly surprised by his inspirational performance.

In a game against Lithuania in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Classification 5-8, Doncic played for an impressive 37 minutes and contributed 29 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, and 3 steals, despite Slovenia’s 100-84 loss. This remarkable display came less than 24 hours after Slovenia’s quarter-final defeat to Canada.

“Luka’s competitive spirit is unmatched. I’m not sure where he found the energy, but he assured me he was feeling great and eager to play,” Sekulic explained when asked about Doncic’s extended playing time.

“He also led the team in terms of energy, continuously motivating his teammates to reach their peak performance. He was relentless on the court, during timeouts, and in the locker room – always pushing them to their limits. He played because he felt good, showcasing his unwavering character and passion for basketball.”

Against Lithuania, Doncic appeared to be in higher spirits compared to the Canada game. He engaged with fans, signing autographs and taking selfies, exhibiting the flair that his supporters adore. The 11,003-strong crowd at the Mall of Asia Arena cheered wildly every time Doncic made a noteworthy play.

“Everybody acknowledges that he’s one of the best, if not the best, players in the world. Despite the immense pressure, he once again demonstrated why he holds that title. He leads the team,” said veteran player Gregor Hrovat, speaking of the Slovenian captain.

Sekulic also highlighted Doncic’s appreciation for Filipino fans and their unwavering support for him and the Slovenian team.

“He values the fans here immensely because he has an incredible fan base. We experienced exceptional support tonight; it felt like the entire arena was rooting for us, thanks to him,” the coach acknowledged. “This reflects his seriousness and dedication when representing his country. He plays with his heart, and that’s what truly matters.”

Notably, Doncic refrained from engaging with referees as much during the Lithuania game, a departure from his conduct in the Canada match.

“Before the game, we decided to focus less on Lithuania and the referees and instead concentrate on ourselves, and that was the key,” Hrovat added.

Doncic himself admitted, following the Canada loss, that he had engaged too much with the referees, leading to his ejection after receiving a second technical foul. In a post-game press conference, the 24-year-old star reflected on his conduct, stating, “Everyone was well aware of the level of frustration I was experiencing. When representing the national team, emotions run high, and often, I struggle to maintain control, which has been a personal challenge for me… I admit I voiced my complaints frequently.”

Furthermore, Doncic expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support he and the team received from fans, saying, “I am genuinely touched by the outpouring of affection. It has been an incredible experience. The support from so many fans means the world to me.”

This combination of fan love and Doncic’s unwavering commitment to his country left his coach surprised and provided his dedicated followers with even more reasons to admire him.


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