GlassFloor Interactive Basketball Court at FIBA Event

GlassFloor Interactive Basketball Court at FIBA Event

The FIBA event revealed an astonishing glass floor basketball court, taking court design to new heights. During the U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup 2023, FIBA introduced this innovative LED GlassFloor interactive basketball court for official games.

This development was initially announced by FIBA in May 2022 when they approved the use of two glass courts created by ASB GlassFloor for their sanctioned events.

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023: GlassFloor Interactive Basketball Court

While NBA teams had previously adopted 3D court projections for pregame events, these glass courts represent a significant leap forward. FIBA highlighted that the ASB GlassFloor could not only enhance stage production but also provide real-time stat tracking and in-game graphics synchronized with on-court action.

With this breakthrough, it’s only a matter of time before we might witness the glass floor concept making its way into the NBA.


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