Dallas Mavericks Fined for the Third Time for The Same Offence


The latest fine for the Mavericks is ‘100,000” and it seems that this team has made a habit of breaking this one rule in particular

The Mavericks were fined $100,000 by the NBA on Sunday for “continuing to violate league regulations governing team bench etiquette. The Dallas team has been fined three times this postseason for bench-decorum infractions. The fines have totaled $175,000 and have doubled each time.

The league office gave this statement:

“several players and a member of the coaching staff stood for an extended period in the Mavericks’ team bench area, stood away from the team bench, and were on or encroaching upon the playing court during game action.”

“It’s the league’s decision to fine, but we’re not going to sit. We’re going to cheer,” Mavs coach Jason Kidd said before Game 3. “The positive is the bench can look at it as they’re donating to a nice charity.”

Following a Game 2 defeat and a Game 7 win against the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference semifinals, the Mavericks were fined for similar offences twice before. The Mavs made it clear to everyone that they would not be silenced from cheering on their teammates.

The Mavs’ reserves being on the floor impacted the game on one occasion in Game 2. When Stephen Curry handed the ball to Pinson, who was standing and wearing a white shirt that matched Golden State’s outfit, thanks to which the Warriors committed a turnover.

On Sunday, TNT coverage from the American Airlines Center in Dallas featured a video of referee Marc Davis suggesting that Pinson change clothing before Game 3. Pinson turned down the offer, donning a white T-shirt that matched the Warriors’ primary uniform color once more.

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