Carlik Jones in FIBA World Cup Makes History for South Sudan

Carlik Jones in FIBA World Cup Makes History for South Sudan

Carlik Jones is presenting a compelling argument for inclusion in the Bulls’ lineup. The Chicago Bulls’ guard, Carlik Jones in FIBA World Cup, is taking his performance to unprecedented heights. Simultaneously, he’s also raising the profile of South Sudan as the Bright Stars triumphed over China with a score of 89-69 in the 2023 FIBA World Cup, securing their first-ever victory in this prestigious tournament. Jones, a dual-role player for the Bulls in the upcoming 2023-2024 season, showcased his abilities by contributing 21 points and distributing six assists in a memorable display that will linger in the minds of his fellow citizens.

Carlik Jones in FIBA World Cup: Shining with Brilliance

Carlik Jones in FIBA World Cup, the reigning MVP of the G League, made a remarkable debut in the World Cup, amassing 35 points, 11 assists, six rebounds, and four steals in a 101-96 loss against Puerto Rico. Determined to prove their mettle against the elite in international basketball, South Sudan bounced back and convincingly defeated the seasoned World Cup contenders, China, in their subsequent game. This victory held special significance for the team, its players, and the nation of South Sudan, which officially gained independence in 2011.

“It’s amazing to win. We feel blessed and honored to be a part of this, to be with my brothers. It’s an amazing feeling. What we’ve gone through to get to this point… people don’t understand that this is inspirational. This is emotional. People may not fully understand the story behind it, behind what we’ve been through,” expressed Nuni Omot, who contributed 14 points in the triumph over the Dragons.

The Journey Continues

Jones affirmed their ambition for further success, acknowledging that their next adversary, Serbia, would pose a more formidable challenge. While lacking the presence of two-time MVP Nikola Jokić, the Serbian team boasts the skills of sharpshooter Bogdan Bogdanović and the imposing presence of Miami Heat‘s Nikola Jović.

“No. We are not done yet. I don’t really want to get into talking about the next game because we won our first game. It’s history. I just wanna enjoy the night,”  Jones remarked.


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